CESAM is a unique professional organisation with no equivalent anywhere else in the world. Its aim is to help its members to develop their economic activities by providing them with technical, administrative and financial services.
Networks of Damage Surveyors, Recommended Surveyors and Specialist Surveyors : 650 positions throughout the world

These networks support members companies with regard to making claims, collecting information, and assessing and preventing risks.
Interventions for driving abroad in land transport, craft, fishing and river, it may be appealed to a local Average Agent.
In Europe, where space is not provided by an expert or an Average Agent, it is recommended to request the intervention of one of the closest place.
In general, it is best to contact the CESAM it is recommended for the expert or the Average Agent to intervene in accordance with the mission to achieve.

- Optimisation of funds flows and associated technical and accounting flows.

   • Funds flows and technical and accounting flows quicker and more reliable.

   • Costs and delays reduced for French market partners especially due to the removal of double data entry.

   • Co-insurance management improved and simplified, notably when overdue payments are concerned.

   • Respect of regulations from authorities notably with regard to arrears management by gaining time and through the availability of information.

- Encashments, settlements and all financial transactions on members’ request.

- Financial guarantees on leaders’ request for their claims handling activities.

These are usually events that may affect either the conveyance or its cargo or both at once. It is mainly the grounding, collision, fire / explosion and sinking.  
These events can be generating fresh procedures average or assistance.
CESAM is heavily involved in the board and management of these cases. It may issue financial guarantees on behalf of its members, follow the implementation and management assistance procedures or average.

Legal mentions

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