From the Insurance Chamber to CESAM

As early as the 16th century, Insurers felt the need to meet together to pool information and to share between them the risks underwritten.

The “Chambre d’Assurance et de Grosse Aventure de France ”, inspired by Colbert, was officially founded by a royal edict in Paris in 1686.


This Chamber acted a club where people dealing with marine insurance met brokers and clients, exchanged information and discussed practices. They soon decided to codify usual practices and established a reference policy form, as well as setting up a joint arbitration board to settle insurance disputes. A clerk centralised and provided information, drew up policies, average adjustments and held a book with the names of ships, a register of arbitration awards and a register of ship protests.



In 1836 the Insurers decided to restructure the Chamber and founded the “ Réunion des Assureurs Maritimes de Paris”. This association employed a ‘‘captain salvor’’, appointed several common agents both in France and abroad (ancestors of today’s Average Agents), established a General Secretary, a legal department, a technical department, a claim invoices service and was renamed ‘‘Comité des Assureurs Maritimes de Paris’’.


In 1942 the Paris Committee became the ‘‘Comité Central des Assureurs Maritimes de France’’ which in turn in 1988 became the ‘‘Comité d’Études et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et Transports’’ (CESAM). CESAM is an Economic Interest Group, providing services to member companies, bringing together French and foreign companies in the marine insurance business.



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