CESAM: Marine Insurance Development Tool.

As a unique technical Committee with no equivalent in the world, CESAM’s mission is to facilitate and develop the economic activity of its Members, Marine Insurers and their customers, Ship-owners, Carriers and exporters. To this end, it provides technical services as well as administrative and financial services

The member companies rely on these networks to intervene worldwide in claims, information gathering, risk analysis and prevention. For interventions to be carried out abroad on goods in transit, pleasure, fishing and inland waterways transport, the Local Average Agent may be missioned.
CESAM may intervene to identify the Expert or Average Agent who is best suited to the task to be carried out.
In the event of an emergency, a Smartphone application is used to select the expert to be sent and to mail him a mission order.

These are usually the events that can affect either the means of transport or their loading or both at the same time. These are mainly grounding, collision, fire / explosion and sinking. These events may generate costs, general average procedures or assistance.
CESAM is heavily involved in advising and managing these cases. It may issue financial guarantees on behalf of its Members, monitor the establishment and management of assistance procedures or general average procedures.

This is to optimize the exchange of information between market players - Brokers, Agents and Insurers - in the EDI Optiflux® system. This system uses identical formats for all, some rules and efficient encryption, to accelerate the processing of these flows (premiums, claims, documents). This process complies with the rules of Solvency II while reducing their processing costs for the actors concerned and avoids the duplication of seizures. The existence of funds deposited by members in CESAM authorizes the latter to make the necessary movements of funds within very short deadlines.

The Rendez-vous de l’Assurance Transports®, the annual international meeting since 2009 of the market participants for 2 days, is the most successful example. The growing role played by CESAM in the ParisMAT® initiative is another example of its involvement in the evolution of the market.

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